Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bus Bombing in the Philippines

I woke up at around 11 am today and opened the television. Tuned in to a noontime news and have learned that there has been an bomb explosive inside an aircon bus coming from Buendia Makati to Fairview route. It happened yesterday afternoon January 25, Tuesday. I was shocked knowing there has been 5 casualties and 13 people who's been wounded. The two people who died were sweethearts. The two just came from an interview because the girl victim was applying for a job in a call center. The guy is also preparing for his job abroad when this tragedy happened. I can't help but cry knowing it could have been anyone we know, it could even have been me and my hubby. We would normally commute to and fro the office riding in an aircon bus just like the two lovers who died in this tragic incident. I condemn such act and I pray that those who are guilty be put to jail for the rest of their lives.

The police investigators had found pieces of an improvised bomb  which resembles those devices used by Muslim militants in bombings in Southern Philippines.I don't want to believe that Muslims are the one's responsible for this...I can't help but think of a certain word they call  "Jihad" in a Muslim religion which means "holy war". Though Muslims empathetically implies that Jihad was only a means of defense and was never used as an offensive act, a number of people feels that some Muslims misinterprets it. Some of them believes that they are doing the right thing according to the teachings about Jihad thus, in order to impose or force a belief ...they need to be in a holy war against those who oppose it. It's still too early to accuse anyone or any raise of anything but I know that majority of our Muslim brothers are still in their right mind and would never tolerate such tragic act.

I pray for the soul of those who've lost their lives because of this tragedy.


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